Three Contracts on Infrastructure Projects for Building and Technical Aid Will Be Signed Tomorrow

04 September 2007

Three contracts on infrastructure projects for building and technical aid will be signed tomorrow, September 5th, 2007, at 11 am in Grand Hotel "Sofia"
Reconstruction and electrification of railway line Plovdiv -Svilengrad along the corridors IV and IX: The building of railway road and electrification for Phase 2: Parvomay - Svilengrad - Turkish/Greek boundary;
Reconstruction and electrification of railway line Plovdiv -Svilengrad along corridors IV and IX: Works on signalization systems building, telecommunications and SCADA for the entire line;

Technical aid for modernization of the railway line Vidin - Sofia.
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For additional information:
Vera Deianova, Press Centre,
Ministry of Transport
Phone: 940 95 34

Ministry of Transport of Republic of Bulgaria
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