The Two Years Period of Administration in MT Is Marked by the Acceleration of the Accomplishment of the Big Infrastructural Projects

03 September 2007

The second year of the present Government administration in the Ministry of Transport is marked by the acceleration of the accomplishment of the big infrastructural projects, declared Minister Mutafchiev during the today's press conference. Namely, the completion of the runway system and the new airport terminal of Sofia Airport, the start of the new combined (road and railway) bridge near the towns Vidin - Kalafat, the electrification of the railway line Plovdiv - Svilengrad and the optimization of the segment for 160 km/h speed, he said. 

The Minister of Transport Peter Mutafchiev presented his report for the activity of the ministry during the second year management for the mass media.

The three basic priorities of the Ministry of Transport are:

  • Strengthening of the safety and the security;
  • Modernization of the transport system;
  • Transport services quality increase;  

The Management exerts maximum efforts for the improvement of the dialog with the branch organizations in all fields of the transport.       

For additional information:
Vera Deianova, Press Centre,
Ministry of Transport
Phone: 940 95 34
E-Mail: vdeianova@mt.government.bg


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