Plovdiv-Svilengrad Railway Electrification and Upgrading of Corridors IV and IX

Plovdiv Svilengrad Railway Electrification & Upgrading of Corridors IV and IX Please click on the red rectangle to view in detail the Plovdiv-Svilengrad Railway Electrification and Uprading Phases.

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Project Scope:
The project encompasses the reconstruction and partial doubling of approximately 150 km of railway track, construction of a catenary system, traction substations, signaling systems, telecommunications and radio control, as well as structures which will enable the complete doubling of the line in the future.

The objectives of the project are:

  • Improvement of the quality of the transport system in Bulgaria
  • Realization of a railway connection between Europe and Asia
  • Integration of the Bulgarian railway system in the trans-European
  • Provision of financial resources for the development and upgrading of the railway infrastructure
  • Enhancement of the competitiveness of the Bulgarian railway system
  • Reducing the travelling time
  • Reducing the costs for maintenance of the railway infrastructure
  • Increasing the efficiency and reliability of railway passenger and freight services along the route
  • Reducing the transportation taxes
  • Introduction of an up-to-date technology and upgraded standards in the railway transport in Bulgaria, in  line, with the requirements of and practices in EU
  • Improvement of the safety of travel of both passengers and freight  
  • Enhancement of the environment by the electrification of the diesel-powered traction

The Plovdiv-Svilengrad Railway project is ‘bridge’ financed under:

1. Financing under ISPA after reallocation - Leg 1 from Krumovo to Dimitrovgrad, including Central Traffic Control Center (CTCC) in Plovdiv:
    EC grant (ISPA):      € 72 million
    Bank credit (EIB):     € 51 million 
    State budget:           €  37 million
    Total:                      € 160 million

2. Financing under OPT
    2.1 Svilengrad – Turkish border  (Phase 3)
          EC grant (OPT):       46 619 374,52 BGN
          State co-fiancing:    11 654 843,63 BGN
          Beneficiary funds:    27 549 372,65 BGN
          Total:                       85 823 590.80 BGN

     2.2 Dimitrovgrad  - Svilengrad  (Phase 4)
           EC grant (OPT):        225 023 799,56 BGN
           State co-financing:   56 255 949,89 BGN
           Beneficiary funds:    110 520 250,55 BGN
           Total:                       391 800 200,00 BGN




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Phase 1 & 4.1 Contractor

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Systems Contractor

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